5 Educational End of Summer Activities for the Family

The sun sets late and something is calling you outside. Lightning bugs have found their way into the evening air. The sky is heavy with stars. You’ve seen it before. It’s the magic of summer. And guess what? This summer can be filled with making memories – instead of those lazy, boring days. Did we mention these ideas are low-cost too?

Few things are as rewarding as spending time with family. Below are some ideas that will help you to learn with your family or kids. School may be out, but why not keep your mind fresh? Kids can lose some of the skills they have learned over the school year if not properly engaged in the summer months. The free time in summer is perfect for reading, researching, and finding out about the world around you. Stay curious and you might just find yourself wiser this summer! Don’t worry – this isn’t your typical summer reading!

Want to fit in some last minute fun before the hot days end?

  1. Learn about a different culture (Learn something new) Trips to the library are great, but they sometimes feel aimless. Plan to research a unique culture on your next visit. Learn about your families’ heritage, or a country you’ve always wanted to visit. Understanding cultures is a great way to teach kids the importance of appreciating different human perspectives.
  2. Have a storytelling event in your backyard (Learn about someone’s life)Do you have a neighbor who fought in war, or a cousin with an interesting job? Gather up some friends for a night of stories. You can reminisce by the fireside about slower times or be transported to another world.
  3. Go to a farmer’s market (Learn about what you eat/ local life)This is pretty simple. Check out the local products and get to know your community. If you must, do a little grocery shopping too!
  4. Go to a workshop (Learn a skill) Workshops provide great introductions to learning valuable skills. They are usually hands-on and kid friendly. Do a little searching to see what may be offered where you live. Hardware/ outdoors stores and nature centers are great places to check for possible workshops.
  5. Visit a park with water or wildlife (Learn about animals/ecosystems) State parks are teeming with wildlife and history. Plus, they are the museums you usually don’t have to pay to get in! Make friends with a park ranger and ask some questions. There is so much to learn!

Want more summer fun with the kids?

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