4 Unique Tailgating Ideas for Your College Game Day!

Field goals, hot dogs, and your favorite team… These are the Saturdays devoted to college football. Every year we anxiously await that 4 hour spread of 1st downs and 40-yard touchdown passes. Even if you’re not a fan, there’s still a place for you…the tailgate!

Are you tired of the same old tailgate? New to throwing your own game day party? Whether you’re at the game or just in the backyard celebrating cookout-style these ideas are sure to shake it up!


# Game —

Dec your tailgate out with your favorite player’s number! Have guests bring a cut out of their favorite player’s number and line the tailgate, deck, or living room with them!

Make cupcakes/cake and pipe numbers on top of them. Make a homemade pepperoni pizza and arrange them to make a number. If you really want to go all out, get crackers and pipe your favorite player’s # on them with squeeze cheese.

History Lesson —

Research or display your knowledge of your team! Draw the team’s original jersey or helmet for an awesome backdrop. Give the most enthusiastic guests name tags of your team’s most historic coaches.

Make a true or false quiz of facts about the team that’s playing or college football in general. Test everyone’s knowledge! Play a round of trivia involving facts about the game. Play a round of “Guess the Player” by sharing stats or info on a player and making people guess who it is. Make a poster of possible players to choose from and see who knows all!

Fantasy teams—

Decorate your space with posters of everyone’s rosters for their team. Bring a banner and make a logo for your team!

Make a ball board. All you need is a grid—you can draw it or print it out.  Place their name in the square of their choosing. The boarder of the grid is for the numbers. The person whose name is in the square closest to the score gets the prize! Do it once at the end of the game or every quarter. Whoever wins gets to have a friend rep the team they choose!

Checkerboard —

Rep your colors! This one is easy and simple—get creative! Make a fabulous end zone cake!

We hope your game day is great! Try one of these ideas and keep the party touchdown worthy! Enjoy this time with family and friends. You may just find you’re a natural at hosting tailgates!

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