4 Easy Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With Your Kids

Christmas is in the air, and the kids will be off from school soon. You might find yourself wondering what fun Christmas activities you can do with your little angels. How about some fun, easy ornaments?

Ornaments with child’s picture

Our first Christmas ornament is a classic. My mom still hangs these on our Christmas tree every year.

  • Use festive scrapbooking paper or even some pretty Christmas cards you have around the house.
  • Make an outline of a shape you like. For example, you could trace and cut out a Christmas tree, stocking, snowman, or anything else your heart desires to hang on the tree. Once you cut out your ornament, feel free to use some glitter to make your ornament sparkle.
  • Then use a small school picture, or any pictures of your child you don’t mind sticking on the ornament. Glue sticks will work on your ornament, but for a lasting stay, I recommend a glue gun.

Cookie cutter ornaments

This is one of the easiest Christmas ornaments to make. All you need are some cookie cutters. Everyone has a few rusty, old cookie cutters in their pantry. These easy ornaments will help you put them to good use.

  • First, take a cookie cutter and wrap a ribbon of your choice all around the cookie cutter. You can use a small piece of tape to start your ribbon instead of glue in case you want to reuse your cookie cutters.
  • Once ribbon is completely wrapped around the cookie cutter, glue the end of ribbon to the cookie cutter.
  • Then, use a piece of twine or a similar patterned ribbon to hang your special ornament.

Salt dough ornaments

Another Christmas classic is the salt dough ornament. It is easy and inexpensive to make. You probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. This ornament is one of the most versatile. Any shape you can imagine, you can make.

  • First, make your salt dough. Click here for an easy recipe.
  • Second, decide what you want to make. You can use cookie cutters, or form your own. You can even make letters, or hand prints out of the dough. Also, remember to poke a hole in your ornament before you bake them so you can hang them on your tree.
  • After you bake your dough you can paint them, put glitter on them, or both! Let your ornaments completely dry then use ribbon to hang your ornament.

Hand-painted ornaments

This is a project that younger children may need a bit of help with, but it is still a favorite.

  • Find a few plastic or ceramic globes at your local store. Once you have the color you like, use acrylic paint to make a snow man, snowflake or anything your child can imagine. If you don’t have any paint brushes lying around, cotton swaps are easy to use. Plus, they make for an easy clean up.

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