3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Dried Flowers

Spring is in the air, and I bet you are wondering how to make your home interior look fresh and new. Well look no further, and try decorating your home with some dried flowers. They can be mostly free if you use what you may already have, and you can decorate with them however you see fit. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your flower decorating extravaganza.


  • First, start with any dried flowers you may have around the house. Perhaps you’ve got some roses for Valentine’s Day or maybe you have some old birthday flowers. Evaluate the state of your flowers and you are ready to proceed.
  • If they are looking pretty rough, like most of my flowers, you might want to make some potpourri. It is easy to make and looks great. Cut the stems off and then arrange your flowers in a bowl. If the flower is not intact, try pulling the petals apart and mixing them in a glass jar or vase. Voila!
  • To make your potpourri to smell even better, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix.

Tie Them Up

  • Secondly, if you don’t have flowers already in your home, you can go outside and pick some wild flowers (just be sure you have permission to pick them!). This is another inexpensive way to jazz up your home.
  • Dry out Russian Lavender and hang it in bundles on a book case or shelf. You can even put the dried flowers in a vase or simply put a bow around the stems and place them on an end table.
  • Also, if you have a pots and pans rack above a kitchen island, dried wildflowers look great hung in bundles or singles. A dried sunflower will brighten up any kitchen.

Press Them

  • Pressing flowers is one of my favorite ways to decorate. The next time someone buys you flowers, or you buy them for yourself, press them in a book. I have a giant dictionary I like to press multiple flowers in at a time in. Let the flowers dry until you are happy with their texture and then the fun begins.
  • You can make a nice shadow box with the flowers. If you don’t have a shadow box laying around you can use an old picture frame. You can also use these flowers for fun projects with your kids. You can paste your petals on construction paper and let the kids have fun drawing. You can also make book marks with the flowers. The possibilities are endless.
  • Did you know you can even use dried pansies to decorate a cake? (Yes, pansies are edible.)

Get More Decorating Inspiration!

Have fun this spring decorating you home with dried flowers. You may be surprised how many unique ideas you can come up with. Happy spring and enjoy!